• Telephone switchboard (connecting calls)

  • Information &  Reception services

  • Photocopying services

  • Postal services

  • Records management and registry records storage

Long-term storage

A/ Storing records with the code “A” (archives)
B/ Storing records without the code “A”. The retention period in physical and safety-compliant areas and the drawing up of a list of these records has not expired.
C/ Receipt of and long-term safekeeping of employee personal files and salary slips of the organization et al.

Registry administration and schedule

Complete processing of registry administration in accordance with applicable legislation and ensure the subsequent submission of the processed records to the relevant State Archives for approval.
Complete processing of a registry schedule in accordance with current legislation.
We ensure the delivery of a presentation stamp which indicates the creator of the registry records.

Advice and consultation

Professional advisory and consultancy services in the field of record-keeping, their arrangement, storage, decommissioning of records, long-term records and other issues related to Registries and Archives.

Staff training

Staff training on the valid registry directives under current laws, decrees and regulations:
Law no. 395/2002 Collection of Laws as amended
Decree no. 628/2002 Collection of Laws as amended
§ 35 and § 36 of the Act no.561 / 2004 Collection of Laws as amended

Law no. 395/2002 Collection of Laws as amended

This law regulates the organization and competence of state administration in the field of Archives and Registries, the organization of archives, rights and obligations of the Archives founder and owner of archives, access to archives, as well as the rights and obligations of registry creators. This is a basic document on the management of registries.

Decree no.628/2002 Collection of Laws as amended

This decree deals with the appraisal of records, disposal of registry records, the acquisition of archives in the archive, the protection of archives and registry records, filing of archival heritage and on access to archives.