The idea of founding an internal project in the company was established when we took “VISMAJOR” from the meaning of the word MAJOR (…… when “Force majeure” interferes with the fate of defenceless children). The objective, since its inception in 2013, has been exclusively aimed at cooperation and help for children in children’s homes with the intention to improve their lives there and to nurture the idea of placing the children in foster families in the Slovak Republic. The first year of the project has been declared across the enterprise, the project has involved not only the management of the company, but was a great help and involvement of our employees in all our operations and premises. The project consisted of a total of three forms of aid:

  • Financial assistance
  • Collection of luncheon vouchers
  • Allocation of 2% from your taxes (for natural persons / legal entities)

Based on the success of the whole project the company’s management eventually decided to transform the original intent of the project to its final form in 2015 as an “internal project with the assistance of VISMAJOR we support better lives for children in Slovakia and the world”. Subsequently in March 2015, M.A.J.O.R. Agency, Ltd. became an official partner supporting the global organization UNICEF through its subsidiaries UNICEF Slovakia. By mutual concerted endeavours and efforts of all the stakeholders this generated successful cooperation between our company with organisations such as Úsmev ako dar (The gift of a smile) and UNICEF Slovakia. Together we are able to fulfill the raison d’être of money because we change its value into real help for the good and benefit of others, to maintain meaningful fundamental human values ​​and priorities, such as happy smile on the face of lonely and neglected children. After all, the old saying “Who in need gives, gives twice” still holds good.



Support our efforts and get involved in one of the following options to help:


Unicef KP

Allocate 2% from your taxes (for natural persons / legal entities)

The gift of a smile


One-time assistance and support

Send a message from your mobile phone in the form of: DMS USMEV na číslo 877

Sending a message donates a one-time € 2.

Regular help for 12 months:

Send a message from your mobile phone in the form of: DMS START USMEV to # 877

Sending a message containing the word START activates a regular monthly donation of € 2, i.e. 12 months x € 2 meaning you donate € 24 in a year.

Thank you 🙂